Google Chrome shortcut keys


Shortcut Keys Description

Alt + Left Arrow Back a page.

Alt + Right Arrow Forward a page.

F11 Display the current website in full-screen mode. Pressing F11 again will exit this mode.

Alt + Home Open your homepage.

Alt + Tab Toggle between browser windows

Esc Stop page or download from loading.

Ctrl + (- or +) Zoom in our out of a page '-' will decrease and '+' will increase. Ctrl + 0 will reset back to default.

Ctrl + 1-8 Pressing Ctrl and any number 1 through 8 will move to the corresponding tab in your tab bar.

Ctrl + H Open history in a new tab

Ctrl + J Display the downloads window

Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E Perform a Google search

Ctrl + 9 Switch to last tab.

Ctrl + 0 Reset browser zoom to default

Ctrl + Enter Quickly complete an address. For example, type computerhope in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get

Ctrl + Shift + Del Open the Clear Data window to quickly clear private data.

Ctrl + Shift + B Toggle the bookmarks bar between hidden and shown

CTRL + O Open a file in the browser

Ctrl + Shift + O Open the Bookmark manager.

Ctrl + A Select everything on a page

Ctrl + D Add a bookmark for the page currently opened.

Ctrl + F Open the "find" bar to search text on the current page

Shift + Spacebar Moves up a page at a time.

Ctrl + L Move the cursor to the browser address bar and highlight everything in it.

Ctrl + U View a web page's source code

Ctrl + N Open New browser window.

Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new window in incognito mode.

Ctrl + Tab Moves through each of the open tabs.

Ctrl + Left-click Open the link in a new tab in the background

Ctrl + P Print current page or frame.

Ctrl + R or F5 Refresh the current page or frame.

Ctrl + S Saves the current page

Ctrl + T Opens a new tab.

Ctrl + W Closes the currently selected tab.

Ctrl + Shift + W Closes the currently selected window.

Ctrl + Shift + T Reopens the last tab you've closed (up to 10).

Ctrl + Shift Left-click Open the link in a new tab and switch to the new tab
Spacebar Moves down a page at a time.

Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow Go to top of page

Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow Go to bottom of page

Alt + Down Arrow Display all previous text entered in a text box and available options on a drop-down menu.

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